8 Tips for Recovering the Enamel is Dried

Retain home nail polish to last longer is a big question of women who are fanatical care of your hands Almost all! However, it is not always possible to keep in good condition our nail polish, since we bought so many that do not have time to use them all before they dry or damaged.

8 Tips for recovering the enamel is dried

To achieve reuse nail polish, we’ll give you a few tricks that you should follow and which you get to keep all nail polish until you spend, rather than throw them away just because they are damaged.
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  • First of all, be sure to read what they say enamels containers. Always they indicate they are stored in a cool place with low temperature. This is because sunlight and heat can cause the paint thickens and thus will dry faster.
  • For this reason, we recommend putting the nail polish in the refrigerator. If you do not have enough space to keep all your nail (you say you have many), you can place them in a makeup case where you can be well-ordered and within a compartment having a cool temperature or any other cool place you can save.
  • The day that you make your manicure, you can choose early or the day before the enamel that will use and put in the fridge for a few hours and will give you time to cool and your nails will be beautiful!
  • A mistake we often make usually just shakes the nail polish before use, but it is advisable to do it occasionally, but do not go to paint the nails at that time, so its thickness is maintained.
  • The nail polish is created by the union of different elements, which are often separated once spend some time at rest. Therefore, if the shake from time to time will prevent damage.
  • If you see any of your enamels with separate components, simulating an oil layer it means that it is starting to spoil.
  • On the other hand, when you go to use the enamel, you should not shake. You should only remove it with the fingertips. This will give the chemicals are ready and in top condition for use.
  • One of the most important advice is do not leave open containers !. This is something that seems logical when you think about the time you finish painting your nails, but what to do with glazes while you’re doing manicure ?.
  • It is important that containers are closed, and avoid one nail polish dry . How do we keep it closed when we’re painting your nails? Simply apply the first layer and the instant the cap finish the bottle. Near the time of the second layer, then reopen. But avoid at all times leave the container open for a long time.
  • Following the idea of the above, the package should not just get air, as this will help the liquid thickens and easier to dry.
  • You should not leave traces of paint on the container mouth, something that usually happens when we dry a little paint brush to apply ourselves in our hands.
  • Once you finish paint your nails, and you paint your nails are dry, you can proceed to clean the package you used. Use a cotton swab or wet towel to wipe the remnants of enamel, this will allow the lid closes properly and no air flow between your nail polish.

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