How do Bench for Router

The bench for router is more useful than we think

Yes, the router is one of the most coveted power tools for professional wood and woodworkers hobbyists too. No wonder we choose today’s tip. We want to show that with a little material and a minimum of whimsy, you can save some money by making your countertop to the router, instead of buying one.

bench router

This project is very simple and does not require much money. In fact, we use MDF flaps to make the bench for the router, achieved in Cabinetmaking we met there. Sometimes leaves even for free!

Another interesting idea would be to use a mobile that you already have in your home but is no longer using for anything. Thus, with the ideas, you will easily make your bench for the router.


Materials: (NEW: You can buy this router table kit ! )

Well, the list is short and simple.
– MDF plates (or offset);
– Screws;
– Wood glue;
– guides and clips (see how to make your template for fitting 90 degrees) ;
– Drilling machine;
– Router.

Measures of MDF boards to the stands router:

Use MDF 15mm
Tabletop – 45x35cm (1 part)
Side table – 35x30cm (2 parts)
legs (base w / fix) – 35x10cm (2 parts)
Enhanced buffer – 42x7cm (2 parts)
ruler guide – 35x7cm (1 ask)


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