How to Make a Wooden Fence for Your Garden

Learn this step by step how to make a wooden fence for your garden!

It’s been a while since I was trying to create a space to plant something. My yard is only dirt and grass, I was missing colors! With the coming of the little dog “Nina,” no way, with these animals there is nothing left to tell the tale!

With some slats of wood and one day, you can make a fence for your garden cool. As well as being aesthetically friendly, separates the space of your dog and the garden, each in his corner, right ?! Even better, all these slats had zero cost! Near here has a lumber mill and turn and move I step forward and see these leftovers slats. Are remnants of beams that they hit and throw away, you can make misery! Yay! So bora bora!

Bill of materials for the wooden fence of your garden:

– Wood slats with 800mm (height) x 50mm (width) x 6mm (thickness). For this project I used 26 pieces;

– Wood slats with 950mm (height – 150 mm will Buried) x 50mm (width) x 20mm (thickness). For this project I used 5 parts;

– nails and screws with washer and nut;

– A little Piche (we use only the slats to be stuck on the ground);

– Paint the white water-based and brush.

Only reinforcing that this amount was used that for my space. Before leaving cutting all, measure your area and make a scribble on paper, will help a lot! Remember folks, planning before anything, it is essential.

And get to work!

First, cut all the wooden slats on the measures defined in your project. Note that they are not equal, thickness, times the width, in my case without any problems, because as I caught the band at the lumber mill, tried to select the best and most similar, yet always has a little difference. If you buy of course will be perfect!


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