The Best from NVidia Graphic, Geforce GTX 1080

Geforce GTX 1080

Geforce GTX 1080After quite a while nvidia did not release the graphics card, this time you can enjoy the greatness again through Geforce GTX 1080 series and maybe the next will be followed also the launch of gtx 1070. Geforce GTX series 1080 is believed to be a graphics card that has faster performance than titan x or geforce series gtx 980 other, this product is also claimed to have become the new king ever from nvidia. With the birth of this product is also at once a major change in nvidia where previously nvidia gpu is only at 28 nanometer then this time has jumped up to the fabrication process of 16 nanometers.

Features and benefits from using Geforce GTX 1080

The greatness of the product from nvidia is also increasingly making many consumers hunt this one product, Geforce GTX 1080 is able to run with clockspeed 2114 and still maintain the operational temperature is relatively high, this way of work will leave enough space that can improve performance extra through overclocking techniques. Geforce GTX series 1080 is also equipped with gddr5x memory with a capacity of 8 gb and bandwidth up to 10 gb per second, with such a great specification it is no wonder if you have to spend up to about $ 800 each unit. If you are wondering how the greatness of this one graphics card then immediately have and feel yourself greatness.

In other words, the new GTX 1080 is really a graphic video cards that are suitable for any kinds of purpose. For examples, if you want to play a high end and next generation games you can easily set your graphic setting to high or even ultra-setting without too much trouble. Of course you need to fulfill the other requirement from RAM and also GPU. Additionally, you can work with this video cards and use many visual and graphic design application without any trouble from Photoshop, video maker and many more.

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