luggage rack car

luggage rack carHow much weight the hitch mounted cargo carrier on your car could handle? While in the manual you could find big number like 600 lbs, in fact you have to calculate the real load weight you can put on the tray. Don’t forget that the arm length also determines the real weight.

The Simple Calculation

The absolute rule of hitch carrier is not to exceed the maximum tongue weight capacity. Then the question is: how could you know how much to put on? Before answering that question, you must know that the tongue weight capacity is rated from the point where the arm is attached. To simply put, the longer the arm, the less weight you can carry.

Do the following calculation to measure the real load you could carry: tongue weight divided by distance is equal to the maximum weight of the luggage. For instance, 600 lbs tongue weight and 2 feet arms will give you 300 lbs load. If you have cargo box, don’t forget to take out the empty box weight from the real weight load. For example: 300 lbs load minus 50 lbs cargo box is equal to 250 lbs weight load.

Suggestion for The Luggage

Since the real load weight you can carry is not as big as the number written on the manual book, it is better to put the light but space consuming items on the tray. It will be much easier for you to estimate the total weight. Some of the recommended items are cooler box, grill, tent, camping chair, etc. If you have light bags, you could also put it on the tray.

An extension device will never be as good as the car itself. Right when you think you could throw your suitcase to the tray, you have to rethink everything. You may end up pushing the suitcase in the trunk, while hitch mounted cargo carrier is filled with cooler box, fishing rod and tent.

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