Making Unique Beach Theme Wedding Invitations For Your Guest

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

Beach theme wedding invitations might be the best way to make your wedding become more interesting for your guest. Wedding invitation is the starting line to introduce the concept of your wedding itself. On top of it, people really love with a unique wedding ceremony or reception like doing a ceremony while sky diving or even while underwater. Depending on your invitation, you can make people come simply by looking at the invitation and become curious about the ceremony or the reception itself. Beach themed wedding will be a unique and unforgettable memory, and you need to make the best beach themed invitation to your guest.

It’s quite easy to make the invitation, as long as you are putting some effort and letting your creativity running. Some interesting invitation even make people confused, like using special paper and only by putting it on the water you can see the content. You can try making good Beach theme wedding invitations like this, and the content of your invitation is visible if you put the paper on salted water. Some people are using this method, and this kind of invitation is quite popular and unique as the best wedding invitation you can use.

For some ideas and inspiration, check out the internet and magazine to figure out some unique wedding invitation. You can try making a simple one like a pop out invitation with beach and coconut tree pop out drawing on it. Plan and adjust your budget for your invitation, and don’t spend all of your money just to make your invitation looks grand while you still need the money for something else. You might find some good Beach theme wedding invitations ideas from the internet, so try to adapt it or making a new one from it as the best beach themed wedding invitation out there.

4 Best Quality Women’s Safety Razor Products for Beginner

The one that need to hair shaving isn’t only men. Women also need tool to shave unwanted hair. Therefore, you can find women’s safety razor on the market. For men, actually there are two type of razor they can use. They are straight and safety razor. However, for women, mostly, they use safety type. So, if you also want to try to get one, you need to find women’s safety razor. What kind of safety razor that I can get? To answer this question, here are some of safety razor products for women you can consider.

women safety razor

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

This women’s safety razor product has closed comb design. With this design, you can easily shave your leg hairs. It will produce really good and smooth result. The design that is also easy to handle and move around, make you also easily to move it on the difficult place, like ankles. This women’s safety razor product also has exceptional design that can reduce the irritation that you usually get when you shave hair on underarm area.

Parker 29L Safety Razor

This product actually isn’t safety razor for women only. This is unisex safety razor that men and women can use. However, its lightweight and double edge type razor make it perfect choice for you who are looking for women’s safety razor. It use butterfly type razor. This type will help you to maneuver and move it around on difficult area. More than that, you can also easily change its razor blade.

Merkur Safety Razor with Long Handle

This women’s safety razor product can be considered as the most popular product among women. The main reason is it has comfortable long handle. This gives you more freedom to reach many parts of your body. Other good thing about this product is the design is very safe. It won’t irritate your skin. Plus, this product is great women’s safety razor for you who have sensitive skin.

WSP El Grande Safety Razor

Among other product, we can say that this product is the less popular. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get best result from this women’s safety razor. This product use chrome material on handle and plate, which is suitable for shaving in wet condition.

Now, you know the best quality safety razor for women. You can find and buy them from many online stores. Visit to get more information.

How to Clean a Safety Razor in Easiest and Correct Way?

How to clean a safety razor? For safety razor user, this is important question that they must know the answer. The reason is simple. If you know how to clean a safety razor, you will be able to keep your razor work much longer. That means you can save more money. Plus, you also can prevent many dangerous and problem in the future, like infection.

How to clean a safety razor

So, the first thing that you need to know about how to clean a safety razor is how bad your safety razor is. If you just bought it, you can just open and remove all the parts, after you use it. Then, use moist towel or fabric to wipe all those removed parts, until it’s clean. Then wash it with water, dry it and it’s finished. If you do it regularly, you can maintain your safety razor condition for long time. It won’t easily lose its shine and sharpness.

Now, if you haven’t clean your safety razor for quiet time, and there are some debris and even rust on its blade, here is how to clean a safety razor in that condition. First, remove all the parts. Then, use tooth brush and hot water to clean it. Add some toothpaste to give you better result. That’s how to clean a safety razor if you find it with that problem.

How to clean a safety razor, if the rust can’t be removed? First, prepare a pan, add water inside and heat it up. Wait until it boiling and put your razor blade inside this boiling water. But, do not put it directly into it. If the blade makes contact with hot metal on the pan surface, it can damage the blade. Therefore, use strainer and keep it, so it won’t touch the pan surface. Boil it for around 10 minutes then cool it down. Do not wash it directly with cold water, while it’s still hot. It will damage the blade and the other part. Let it cool down naturally, then wash it with water and wipe it. That’s how to clean a safety razor with rust that difficult to remove.

So, wasn’t that easy to do? If you can do the method that mentioned above correctly and regularly, your safety razor can last longer than you imagine.