What Are The Good Fruit List To Be Consumed During Hever Fever Rash?


foodIn addition to the primary food and beverages consumed by every healthy person or sick person, there are several other lists that must be viewed or analyzed by those who are suffering from Hay Fever Rash to eat some of these foods, one of which is fruits. Known, there are some types of fruit is certainly very good for consumption for them or anyone who is experiencing symptoms of the disease with the efficacy to help lower body temperature and keep the body immune from people who have it. These fruits are believed to contain several nutrients that help keep your metabolism in good shape.


The first unusual fruit you see in everyday life is watermelon. Where one of the fruit variety is known to have a very high water content and is very good for consumption for those who are experiencing Hay Fever Rash. Water content contained in watermelon is almost 95% of all other fruits and also contains other important nutrients such as vitamin B6, carbohydrates and potassium, which all three important substances will help you to accelerate the stages of the recovery process of the febrile illness.

The next list of very good fruits to eat when Hay Fever Rash is apples, papaya and bananas. Apples are one of the fruits which contain high levels of vitamin C, which is 1500 mg for each grain that helps maintain your body immunity during the disease. Meanwhile, papaya is also very good for consumption because vitamin C levels in it can help recovery from fever more quickly and can control the digestive system. Then, banana is another fruit that is feasible to be consumed during the Hay Fever Rash because it contains vitamin B6 that regenerate body temperature in order to decrease rapidly and more optimally. In addition to fever, bananas are also very well consumed for those who have insomnia, depression, headache and stress.